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Why we’re doing this program
The City of Burnsville recognizes the hardship and impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our business community. To support our vision of Burnsville being a vibrant city, boldly leading, and welcoming to all, the City has established a business grant program.

The Burnsville CARES Business Grant Program provides grants up to $20,000 to assist eligible businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. The City has set aside $1 Million in the Burnsville CARES Business Grant Program so that a business of any type, any size with a physical presence in Burnsville can access assistance.

Grant funds will be available on a lottery system and the application period will be open for a minimum two-week period.  The program is subject to funding availability from the City. The City retains the authority and discretion to approve or deny an application, and reserves the right to subsequently add further priorities, change eligibility criteria, or discontinue the program in response to changing circumstances.

Business may apply for a one-time grant award not to exceed $20,000.  The City will review each applicant’s request for grant funds to determine the level of assistance that will be provided.

Only one application per business entity is allowed to be submitted.  If a person owns multiple business entities or parts of multiple business entities, then multiple applications may be submitted.  There is no limit on the number of business entities that can be applied for.  However, each business entity located in Burnsville shall be separate and distinct from one another to be eligible.

Applications (NOW CLOSED) will be open to businesses on July 27, 2020. Applicants will have until midnight on August 14, 2020 to submit the required application and associated materials.  Applications will be reviewed when submitted and a determination will be made if they are eligible and amount of funding that is eligible.  If incomplete, applicants will have 1 week to submit additional information and/or materials.

Eligible applicants will be put into a randomization process (lottery) and businesses chosen will be notified the week of September 7, 2020. Once a business is notified, the City will distribute the funds by check within 3 business days.

If grant funds are used solely for expenses previously incurred, the applicant will file a Certification of Expenses form with the City of Burnsville prior to funds being released.  If grant funds are used for expenses yet to be incurred but no later than November 15, 2020, the applicant will file a Certification of Expenses form with the City of Burnsville no later than November 30, 2020 stating how awarded funds were used.

All grant funds allocated to businesses must be utilized by November 15, 2020.

Funds cannot be used to replace lost revenues.  Funds may be used to cover operating expenses, including payroll, rent/lease payments, mortgage payments, utilities, payments to suppliers, or other critical business expenses including business consulting to modify business operations as a result of the public health emergency and as approved and authorized by the program.

Use of funds subject to verification to ensure compliance as required under the Federal CARES Act program requirements.

Right to Deny or Termination
The City retains the right to deny funds or terminate any agreement under the Burnsville CARES Business Grant Program if a grant applicant is found to be in violation of any conditions set forth in the grant guidelines or grant agreement.

As a condition for receiving grant funding, all grant recipients are required to submit a  Certification of Expenses form to the City upon funds being issued or before November 15, 2020 specifying how the entirety of the grant funds were utilized and providing evidence in the form of paid invoices, statements, or similar documentation.

All grant recipients shall be required to indemnify the City of Burnsville and any officers acting on their behalf.

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Most recent year tax return. 2019 Federal Business Returns or appropriate business tax schedule based on entity type. If 2019 tax return is not available, 2018 is acceptable.

☐  Individual monthly cash flow statements and itemized expenses for the following months: March, April, May, and June 2020

If you lease your business space, please provide a letter from your landlord or rent statement indicating you were current on rent prior to March 1, 2020.

Proof of eligible expenses from March 1, 2020 to November 15, 2020 seeking funding for: Examples may include payroll documentation; mortgage/rent statements; utility statements; insurance statements or invoices; other invoices and/or receipts for qualified business expenses. All eligible expenses are a result of the response to the public health emergency, must be properly documented, and meet federal requirements for qualified CARES expense. NOTE: Taxes are not a qualified expense. Expenses incurred outside of the March 1, 2020 to November 15, 2020 window are also not eligible. Purchased of capital such as equipment is not eligible. Lost revenue replacement is not an eligible expense. Business owner/managers personal expenses are ineligible uses of grant funds.

Sign Acknowledgement FormAvailable here »
*Scan or photograph your completed Acknowledgment Form so you can attach it during the application process.

NOTE: Grant reporting and Certification form below (expenditure of funds listed) will be needed prior to awarding of funds or shortly thereafter. City will let you know when we need this. Download Certification of Expenses Form

NOTE: Grant reporting and Certification form below (expenditure of funds listed) will be needed prior to awarding of funds or shortly thereafter. City will let you know when we need this.
Download Certification of Expenses Form

We are no longer accepting CARES Grant Applications.

Questions You Might Have…

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Yes.  The IRS has noted that the receipt of a government grant by a business generally is not excluded from the business’s gross income under the Code and therefore is taxable. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/cares-act-coronavirus-relief-fund-frequently-asked-questions
Due to the sensitive nature of the documents, staffing limitations, and efficiencies of the program, all applications must be completed on-line. The following places are known to provide such service.  Note: they may charge fees. https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/libraries/  According to their website, they offer scanning and e-mail services for free.  All of the libraries have this service. https://local.fedex.com/en-us/mn/burnsville/office-0616/computer-rental-wifi.html The Burnsville Fedex store offers business services including rental of computers for printing and scanning and e-mailing.

The data submitted in relation to this application will become government data and is subject to federal and state data laws.  Some of the data may be considered private or nonpublic prior to the award of financial assistance, while some limited data may be considered private or nonpublic even following the award. The City will not publicize your business plans, customer lists, income tax returns, design / market / feasibility studies, income and expense reports, or any other data classified as private or nonpublic under Minn. Stat. §13.591. Application data submitted by organizations that are not selected for grant funding will only be released upon request and as required by Minn. Stat. Chapter 13 or other applicable state/federal law. Application or evaluation data may also be shared with any entity that has a legal right to the data under Minnesota or federal law, including under court order.  

The City process is to collect all relevant and required information up front.  There are two purposes for this.   #1- Only eligible applicants are put into the lottery pool.  #2- As soon as the lottery is held, checks can be issued within 3 business days. 

The process for Dakota County involves getting general information up front and then conduct the lottery.  After the lottery is held, they will then be reaching out to applications that are chosen to received grant funds and ask for the necessary information.  This will result in the distribution of funds to take place several weeks after the lottery.  The City process is intended to get funds to businesses as soon as possible.

No. Payment of taxes are not eligible expenses under the Federal Guidelines.

March 1, 2020 thru Nov 15, 2020. This is the general period from when Executive Orders from Governor Waltz went into effect and when qualifying expenses need to be spent by.

Financial hardship has two alternative definitions: Either 1) your business experienced at least a 10% revenue loss year-over-year between March 1 and May 31, 2019 vs. 2020 or 2) your business was restricted from operating above 50% capacity by executive orders in effect on May 18, 2020. Meeting at least one of these conditions is sufficient to meet the criteria of experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For non-profit businesses, financial hardship may also mean incurring significant additional unforeseen and unbudgeted expenses related to or in response to the public health emergency.  Examples include providing additional unforeseen services to those you serve such as webinars, meetings, fielding questions, and outreach related to executive orders; or an unforeseen increase in demand for services such as food shelves or food delivery, housing assistance, mental health counseling, family support, outreach, etc..


Yes. Expenses incurred that are related to COVID may be reimbursable as qualified expenses whether paid as payroll or as an owner’s draw from business assets.  Just like for payroll to be reimbursed, documentation shall be provided.   The application must document the draws previous to COVID to the extent to show this is a recurring payment structure and then provide documentation for any draws that are being asked to be eligible for reimbursement.  Note that only expenses from March 1-November 15, 2020 are eligible expenses for reimbursement under this grant program.

The City will mail checks to recipients. Preparing checks is faster than setting up electronic payments.

The applicant will be notified via e-mail the day after the lottery.  If all qualifying expenses have already been incurred, a Certification of Expenses form must be submitted prior to release of funds, and a check will be sent within three business days.  If eligible expenses are for future expenses up to November 15, 2020, the check will be mailed within three business days after notification of funding.  In this case, the Certification of Expenses form must be submitted no later than November 30, 2020.

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted.  Eligible applicants will be assigned a random number (by the third party reviewer) and entered into the randomized process (lottery).  Once all applications have been reviewed and assigned a number, then a computer model will rank all of the randomized numbers assigned.  The top 50 will be considered award recipients.  A review of the eligible/requested funds will be calculated and, if funds remain, the next in line will be considered award recipients until all of the funds are allocated.  Some grants may be less than the maximum of $20,000 based on the request and the qualified and verified eligible costs.

Locally owned and operated means a majority ownership of the business should be Minnesota-based.

Only businesses with a permanent physical location in Burnsville are eligible for this program. For the purposes of this program, permanent physical location means a non-mobile permanent facility such as an office, warehouse, storefront or other facility where the business carries on a substantial amount of administration or management of their business.

Home-based businesses are eligible for a grant from this program.  Facilities that are in the home, in a space within the home, or in a structure on the same property as the home of the business owner located in Burnsville are considered a home-based business. A home based business may also include a mobile business that is run out of the owner’s home in Burnsville, but may travel outside of the City to conduct business.

No. If a business has received CARES funding from the state or county, then they are ineligible for the Burnsville program.  However, if funds are remaining or additional funds are made available for the program, it is possible a previous recipient could be eligible for a second round of assistance.

Yes. However, only eligible expenses that have not been reimbursed by those programs are considered eligible for Burnsville CARES: Business Grant Program.  You will have to provide evidence of such if awarded funds.

Yes. We encourage you to apply for both.  Both programs are lottery based and are anticipated to have more applications than can be funded.  If selected for funding, you will only be able to receive one grant or the other.

You will need to submit documentation of financial hardship caused by COVID-19 public health emergency as well as financial statements, tax returns, payroll, invoices and other documents to demonstrate need and to document the eligible expenses.  All documents are required with the application submittal.  Incomplete applications will cause ineligibility.  You will be notified of your application status upon review and will be given 1 week to submit any missing information.

Yes, as long has you meet all eligibility requirements.

For questions contact Beth Weber, Community Development Assistant at (952) 895-4455 or beth.weber@burnsvillemn.gov

No.  The City of Burnsville has no restrictions on where ownership of a business resides.  The City is supporting the business and its employees who live here as a priority.

Yes. There is no limit on the number of business entities that you can apply for.  You can apply for each business entity located in Burnsville and that is separate and distinct.  Separate and distinct means that they business have separate EIN tax numbers, separate filings with the State or County, separate accounting budgets and taxes and are operated completely separate from one another.  Only one application will be accepted for each business entity. 

Yes.  However, funding for activities are subject to Federal Guidance on the CARES program.  At this time, only eligible expenses that have not been reimbursed by those programs are considered eligible for Burnsville CARES: Business Grant Program.  You will have to provide evidence of such if awarded funds.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Beth Weber, Community Development Assistant at (952) 895-4455 or beth.weber@burnsvillemn.gov
Dakota County Small Business Relief Grant Program


The Dakota County Board of Commissioners has allocated $10 million to support small businesses that have had a financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One-time grants up to $10,000 will be awarded to eligible applicants to assist with payroll, rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, and other operational expenses that have occurred since March 1, 2020.

Dakota County, in collaboration with the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA), are working with NextStage (Program Administrator) to collect, review, and award these grants. This initiative is being funded by Dakota County’s allocation from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

To qualify, an applicant must:

  • Employ the equivalent of 50 or fewer full-time workers.
  • Be a private for-profit business that has a permanent physical location in Dakota County, Minnesota.
  • Be majority owned by a permanent resident of Minnesota.
  • Be in good standing with the Minnesota Secretary of State and Minnesota Department of Revenue as of March 1, 2020.
  • Be in good standing with Dakota County and the city where the business is located.
  • Be able to demonstrate financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To Apply – (NOW CLOSED)
The online application will be available on Monday, July 27, 2020. Applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 14, 2020. Only one application needs to be submitted per business. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If the number of applications exceeds the available funding, a randomized selection process will take place. All applicants will be contacted via email by August 26, 2020.

Visit: www.dakotacda.org (Frequently Asked Questions are posted and will be updated as needed)

Call: 651-675-4481

Email: smallbusiness@dakotacda.state.mn.us